A young girl at Easter service in the Mbuya Catholic church

A wall at a cement yard in Kampala

Man on bicycle in Kampala

Street hawker, Kampala

The Uhr-Tortoise


1) Jet lag.
2) Thunder.
The loudest thunder clap in the history of the world happened last night. The house shook.
3) Today is Easter. Kampala is rather Christian.
So we go to a catholic service near a site called Reach Out Mbuya. Immaculately dressed people. Astonishingly well-behaved children. And an enormous crowd. The church is full. Another adjacent room is full. The verandah outside is full. We stand.
Otherwise. It’s, like, church. I think the priest, somewhat to my astonishment, is Irish.
LATER NOTE: turns out he’s Italian, but with a very strange hybrid accent…
4) A Driving Tour of Kampala.
– Muammar Ghaddafi’s newly named (after himself) mosque. He was here yesterday. Headlines.
– beautiful downtown government buildings
– a slum, in which we see
– a bus-breaking yard, where men are taking apart old trucks and buses with sledgehammers
– a trip to a supermarket for beer, gin and tonic (for our own Easter celebration)
– and a giant, 300-year-old (as legend has it) tortoise
Then rain. And rain. And more rain.
So we sit on the verandah at Banda Inns, sipping our G&Ts, and blogging.

~ by volcanotheatre on March 23, 2008.

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