Getting There

Christina Anderson at JFK

The Flying Dutch

March 20, 2008

(for me, that is – Ross Manson – CDN theatre director…)
– 26 hours door to door
– leave South Philly (where i sometimes live) for the bus station
– wait (1 hr)
– bus to NYC (2hrs)
– subway to JFK (1 hr)
– wait (3.5 hrs – 2 Guinness and a burger)
– plane to Amsterdam Schipol (6.5 hrs – sleep)
– wait (3 hrs – 2 coffees and a ham sandwich)
– plane to Entebbe (8 hrs – 3 movies)
– minivan to Kampala (1 hr)
This includes meeting four of my compadres who are, in order of appearance at JFK:
1) Anurita Bains (CDN – advisor and expert on HIV/AIDS in Africa, coming from Toronto)
2) Christina Anderson (American – and playwright, coming from Providence)
3) Liesl Tommy (South African – and director, coming from Pittsburg)
It also includes:
1) better-than-average airplane food (KLM),
2) Anurita bumping in to TWO people she knows at the Schipol airport (the NGO travel scene)
3) a jaw-dropping verdant smell in stepping off the plane at Entebbe
4) and the Jesus Saves Mini-Supermarket on the night drive into Kampala
And so we arrive in Africa. The evening of March 21, 2008.

~ by volcanotheatre on March 23, 2008.

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