Welcome to the Africa Trilogy Blog

Hello Reader,

Welcome to the official blog of The Africa Trilogy. This is a central resource for all of the online media tools we’ll be using to communicate about the production, right up to and including the World Premiere of The Africa Trilogy at Luminato in June 2010.

You may have noticed that this blog has a whole bunch of content already.  These posts are an amalgamation of posts that have appeared on the Praxis Theatre Website over the past year, and the detailed blog Volcano Artistic Director Ross Manson kept during the early research portion of development when many of the core artists in the production visited parts of Africa together.

Maybe blogs aren’t your thing: If you like learning more about a show through Facebook or Twitter,  as you can see in the sidebar – we use those tools too. For people who are partial to checking out video or photos related to a production, stay tuned to our YouTube and Flikr accounts.  There’s already a bunch of photos and videos in there and there’s about to be a whole wackload more as the production starts to really kick into gear.

Welcome to what we hope will be a new digital home for people who are interested in theatre, the relationship between Africa and the West, and the creative process. You can expect new material to be posted around once a week, and even more so when we get closer to curtain. We welcome your input and feedback through the use of these tools and hope you’ll follow along the final stages of an ambitious and truly international theatrical production.

Michael Wheeler
Assistant Director and Online Archivist
The Africa Trilogy

~ by volcanotheatre on January 18, 2010.

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