Photos from February workshop rehearsals

Over the first two weeks of February 2010, we workshopped the scripts to Roland Schimmelpfennig’s play Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God and Binyavanga Wainana’s play Shine Your Eye in the rehearsal spaces at The Elgin Theatre in downtown Toronto. Check out some of the pics by Trilogy photographer Amanda Lynne Ballard:

(l-r) Araya Mengesha, Muoi Nene, Lucky Ejim, Sodienye Wasobo, Karen Robinson, Akosua Amo-adem in a reading of Shine Your Eye.

Jane Spidell (l) is "slapped" by Maev Beaty (c) while Trey Lyford (r) speaks during the reading of Peggy Pickit sees the Face of God.

Shine Your Eye choreographer Teddy Masuku looks over the script.

Fettfilm video designers Momme Hinrichs and Torge Moller are creating video for all three plays in the trilogy.

Muoi Nene as Naija Boy in Shine Your Eye.

Cast, designers, directors and producers all have a quick pizza break together during a back-to-back-to-back reading of all three scripts.

Trilogy dramaturg Weyni Mengesha takes a few notes.

Check out more pics from this workshop, earlier workshops, and of the research trip to by core artists to several countries in Africa in 2008 on our Flikr account.

~ by volcanotheatre on February 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Photos from February workshop rehearsals”

  1. each post makes me more and more excited to see this work.

  2. Thanks Sue!

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