The critical response to The Africa Trilogy

“I was emotionally ransacked and enchanted by the Africa Trilogy. This play should travel far and wide” – Avril Benoit, Médecins Sans Frontières, Canada

The Africa Trilogy(l-r) Maev Beaty, Trey Lyford, Dorothy Atabong, Milton Barnes, Araya Mengesha in Glo

The Huffington Post:

“Volcano Theatre had a clever idea: to bring the work of three playwrights (German, Kenyan, American) together to explore the relationship between Africa and The West. Each was stunning”

“smart, irreverent, challenging and brilliantly directed and acted.”

The Toronto Sun:

“in a world where it is better to light a single candle than to curse the darkness,  Volcano Theatre lights three”

FIVE STARS (out of five)

Toronto Star:

“A Substantial Achievement”

great work throughout from the creative team responsible for sets, costumes, lighting,sound and video. Production values for all three plays are top-notch”

Shine Your Eye

Dienye Waboso in Shine Your Eye

Eye Weekly:

“Manson wonderfully integrates video, movement and hip-hop in an eye-opening tale about how the modern world has impacted Africa.”

“Wainaina is one of those rare playwrights who can give the colloquial language the sound of poetry.”

Toronto Star:

“Tight, well-written and poetic, it is a play filled with heart”

FOUR STARS (out of four)


“Binyavanga Wainaina’s lyrical script moves forward with gusto, and is forcefully acted by its ensemble cast”

Peggy Pickit Sees the Face of God

(l-r) Tony Nappo, Jane Spidell, Maev Beaty, Trey Lyford in Peggy Pickit Sees The Face of God

The Globe and Mail:

“director Liesl Tommy gets incredible performances out of her cast, as her production masterfully lurches back and forth between hilarity and dread. The staging is full of brilliant touches.

“Life is tragedy seen in close-up, comedy in the long shot, Charlie Chaplin said; Peggy Pickit allows us to see both at once.”

Toronto Star:

“cleverly written and cleverly directed… beautifully cast… powerful”

The National Post

a superbly rigorous production”

NOW Magazine:

“Director Liesl Tommy’s work with the four actors is razor sharp; the looping of word, physicality and emotion is a show in itself.”

Dorothy Atabong in Glo

The Huffington Post:

“took my breath away. It was by up-and-coming American playwright, Christina Anderson. Her work is going to be transforming stages around the world, count on it.”

The Toronto Star:

“oh so charismatic”

The Globe and Mail:

“a potent metaphor… dreamlike direction…”

The Torontoist:

“creative direction and a solid cast”


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